Tuesday, October 9, 2012

day 9: quit complaining

Some time last year, a beloved and fellow blogger, suggested that she had been abstaining from complaining.  I've been marinating on this idea for about that long.  I mean, I really like the idea and admire her for sticking to it, but I mean, let's be for real.  I like to complain.  Mostly because it means that I can hear myself talk a bunch more, I like to call it venting.

Look, y'all, I'm just being honest.

So this next couple of days, I'm challenging myself to work on my words.  The current challenge is to relinquish my tendency to bring my personal {and very important} critique and drama to any given interaction {including those that take place in my head}, unless of course, it's funny.  I love being funny and laughing with people, especially over my many tribulations.  

As a side note, it occurred to me this morning that it's been over a month since I've laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants.  That needs to happen.  stat.

Today, I managed to circumnavigate commiserating with no less than two Anonymous Beloveds.  And, I'm working on putting some current Little Miss Salty drama nonsense on the figurative shelf for a later date when I might actually know precisely what to do with it {or it simply just works itself out, drama is funny like that}.  It has felt good to clear out the nasty clutter that seems to have been pervading my brain for the last couple of weeks and I'm starting to feel like the more light-hearted version of myself, who I love way more, again.

Of course, I'll admit that I slipped up.  at lunch.  while discussing a topic I've been particularly crabby about lately.  And you know what?  It was not sweet, quite the opposite in fact.  And it made me feel a bit ugly. and people left the room.  ew.  not sweet.  at.  all.

I will say, now that the day is over and I'm safely tucked in my warm bed, that despite my flub, I had an overwhelmingly better day than I've had in a while.  The crazy thing is that nothing that has been going wrong corrected itself, but I stopped focusing on it and started focusing on the things that I do have control over.  I had a great conversation with an AB that wouldn't have happened if I had not been able to keep my drama-mouth shut and I enjoyed my Hart of Dixie mini home-spa night way more than when I treat myself to a whine, wine, and ice cream night.


  1. Love this!! I need to get back to this. I know that I still complain less than I did a year ago, but I need to remake a concerted effort toward it. I know that it can be hard in the work environment since lunch and hallway time are the main times for people to complain - teachers and students. But, like you said, nothing changes just from complaining about it (most of the time).

    Good luck!!