Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pants. revisited.

Last Friday, I made it my mission to cure the pants problem in my wardrobe.  I was unsuccessful.  (although I did find quite a few cute tops, even some that would look great with...gasp...jeans).

Apparently, the skirts that exist in my head do not exist in malls.  Of course, this is usually the case.  It happened already once in the last six months in the case of the red sundress, which, despite my best intentions, inevitably turned into a sewing mishap resulting in the production of a sundress suitable for only those persons possessing tyrannosaurus rex arms.  I have yet to fix it.  But I digress.

The trip to the mall.  My AB and I combed, I swear, every store in that place.  No skirts that I both loved and could afford.  And so I came home relatively empty handed and Monday, I donned the dreaded pair of pants.  again.  blah.

Then yesterday as I was reading through the musings of some absolutely fabulous gals, I came across an immediate solution using the stuff I already own!  Both Melissa at I Pick Pretty and Holly at Running in Stilettos layered a top over a maxi dress, repurposing the dress into a skirt.  How clever!

So today, I paired a turquoise sundress under a basic black t-shirt and finished it off with a little black ribbon.  So cute and I even got a few compliments too!  Woohoo!
It felt so good to be rocking a dress today, honestly, I could not help but smile a little brighter than I usually do when I'm wearing, ugh, pants.

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