Wednesday, August 8, 2012

evidence of hoarding

In May, I packed up my classroom, locked the important things up in my desk and in my closet, and headed off to three months of summer bliss, oh, ok, only really one and a half because of summer school.  But, still.

On the 13th, I will dutifully pull up into the school parking lot and begin my meetings and embark into my tenth year as a teacher.  But my classroom will already be set up.

Nope, no one will do it for me.  Nope, I didn't leave myself that organized.

Even better.

I will have purged more paper, worksheets, and supplemental materials than a small library and compacted my teaching career into a single four-drawer filing cabinet.

Nope, I really wasn't that motivated.  Especially, not in my last.  week.  of.  summer.

Remember that closet that I, so diligently, locked my belongings in?  Yup, the one that no longer exists,  the one whose contents are currently scattered about my classroom?  It's housing an air conditioner now.

Thanks for the heads up, oh rulers of the HVAC kingdom!

I could complain.  And previously I would have.  But, really, it was kind of funny to see how creatively my carefully hoarded artifacts were stationed throughout the room.  Textbooks moved across the room. Papers stacked on my chair.  One of my large floor plants stationed atop a bookshelf.

And, I am grateful, really, because I don't need all of that stuff. So this week, instead of sleeping until noon and leisurely going about my business in lament of my last grasp of summer, I will be simplifying my life and taking a trip down memory lane one manilla folder at a time.

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  1. I saw that yesterday in my classroom. Glad I didn't have stuff in it, but still would have liked a heads-up.

    Good luck purging your stuff.