Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We all do it.  Sometimes we do it to try and help, other times we do it to save face, maybe gain a little power, and other times we do it maliciously.  I mean.

Everybody lies sometimes.

Maybe we lie more than we'd like to admit.  And we justify.  Which is a lie within itself.

We lie to our loved ones.  Our enemies.  Our acquaintances.  Poor schmucks on the street.  We lie to ourselves.

What's worse is that we begin to expect everyone to lie to us about everything.  We fear what people's lies will do to us and we lose faith in the people who love us or want to love us.  We become unable to love them back.

We become preoccupied with protecting ourselves.  It is right at this moment that we begin to believe the biggest lie that could possibly be told.

We believe that we can control someone or something outside of ourselves.

And then we lose control. of. everything.

As I have struggled through the what-if's, whaddoIdo-nows, and how-could-they's that life often throws in my face, I've learned to trust that God has a bigger plan than what is currently playing on the small screen in front of my eyes.  I've learned that underneath the fear, there is almost always some type of divine direction.

When we learn to trust our instincts, our faith, our selves we learn that we don't have to distrust other people.  We don't even have to protect ourselves from them, because there won't really be an opportunity for them to blind side us.  And even then, we can trust that we will eventually be okay again.

We can simply relax and enjoy the ride.  Now, wouldn't that be nice?

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