Friday, January 27, 2012

whew. this is a roller coaster.

The ups and downs of a possible bridge jumping are mind boggling!  What started so simply, grew wildly out of control, grew legs and turned itself into a whole new, much more interesting idea.  I’m ecstatic.  But.  I’m tired and a little out of control, too.

I might be addicted.

I’m pretty sure I am.

Is there a bridge jumping anonymous, for those of us determined to leave our meticulously-built, tight-rope-maintainted, comfortably-endurable lives in an effort to find the passion-filled one that we used to dream about.  I need that group.

Or maybe not.  Maybe my whole life has prepared me to jump, blindly, and trust that I will land on two feet (I’m pretty sure there’s no guarantee against bruises, scrapes, or broken bones, though).

Its a proven fact that people who exercise with a buddy are more likely to continue, so lets drum up some excitement about the what-ifs!  Help me out here … so what about you?  If you were going to join me on my bridge jumping extravaganza, what type of passion-filled life would soften the fall?

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