Friday, June 8, 2012

summer reading

Now that summer is here, I have tremendous spot in my back yard,  am officially broke, and down to one job I have been reading a lot.  Let me tell you a little bit about the book I'm currently toting!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I must admit that I haven't read much fiction lately and I didn't much know what to expect when I downloaded this little gem onto the iPad except that the title intrigued me.  I never would have guess I would be so addicted to it!  The basic premiss is that Alice wakes up from a bad fall and can't remember the last ten years of her life.  As the book unfolds she struggles to make sense of her life without any memory of the events that got her there.   Aside from the heart wrenching realizations Alice makes about herself, this book had got me thinking about my life...  What would my 22 year old self think of my life today?  Would she be disappointed or proud? 

So now it's your turn to tell me... what are you reading now?  Have you read this goodie yet?  What did you think? 

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